About Us

I think the page should be rephrased as 'About Me'...

I am a stay-at-home mum living on Lantau Island and simply loving it.  "Ren" is the pronunciation of the word "people" in Chinese, same character as "Yan" in Cantonese.  "Lantau Ren" simply means "Lantau People".  

In Chinese culture, very often when a girl is married to a family, she has become one of the "people" of her husband's clan as it implies she leaves her roots behind and joins the "people" she is marrying to.  Moving to Lantau does resemble such sensation.  This sensation is shared by many fellow Lantau residents we have met.  Tried a few relationships with several apartments in the "city", grew tired of it and were finally settled down here on Lantau Island hoping for a happily-ever-after. Most stay here ever since and never look back, for better or worse.  

Lantau Island is not a hidden gem of Hong Kong, it is just the biggest gem sitting in Hong Kong.  The beaches are the longest and among one of the most beautiful in the city.  The mountains are magnificent and the wildlife is well, whoa whoa wild.  Yet it is the pace of life, friendliness of people and care about the environment here warms your heart.  

How did I become a Lantau Ren?  You probably can guess it's because of my baby.  The idea of moving to Lantau jumped to my mind when I was pregnant with my daughter.  In fact, my husband and I were about to give up on starting a family after suffering multiple miscarriages in the past few years.  We gave it the last shot.  This time, the stars aligned (also because we found out the reason behind the recurrent miscarriages and received treatment) and I carried to full term.  Moving to Lantau began a much happier chapter of our life.  Everyday I am grateful for my baby and living on this amazing island.  I used to be like my husband and work in a job that required frequent travel.  We decided that one of us was going to stay home and look after our children.  I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful place where I am inspired everyday.  My love for creating and living here resulted in Lantau Ren and what you see on this website.  

I hope Lantau Ren and its products bring a smile onto your face.  Thank you for your visit and if you end up buying something, I send you a big THANK YOU hug.