Cuddle Me Clanket - My Lantau Fantasies: Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round (HKD210)

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A brilliant combination of a blanket in a cushion, featuring four adorable patterns of Lantau fantasies. Winning the Blue Taxi jackpot; waiting for the Lantao bus with animals on the island, chilling with Buddha in the rainforest; Pink dolphins having tea time, don’t you just want to have all of them?

This pattern has been inspired by the classic nursery rhyme 'Wheels On the Bus" that my baby daughter loves.  The scenery is snap shot of our No.11 bus stop at Tong Fuk village and the animals?  Of course they are our fellow villagers on Lantau!

This clanket is perfect for your sofa or your little one's playpen or bed.

Cushion dimension: 40cm x 40cm

Blanket dimension: 120cm x 150cm